Advanced ‘300’ Screenings – Free!

Hey! Gordon the Intern actually did some work! He has alerted us to this message he received on his Myspace account about free screenings of 300:

If you live in Toronto, Chicago, or San Francisco, then tomorrow is your lucky night.

MySpace Black Curtain Screenings is unveiling an early peek at 300 tomorrow night, Feb 21, in those three cities — nearly three weeks before the movie releases on March 9th!

Even better, all screenings will be projected in glorious, state of the art IMAX theaters! Before the movie starts, there will be an exclusive featurette on the making of 300, including never-before-seen footage! And we’ll be giving away an extremely limited number of Black Curtain Screenings edition of 300: The Art of the Film, courtesy Dark Horse Comics!

Best of all, all three screenings are FREE! All you have to do is put 300¬†and Black Curtain Screenings in your profile’s top friends and print it out — your profile is your ticket!

Truly, this is the ultimate 300 experience! To find out more, like where to go and when to get there, head on over to the Black Curtain Screenings profile. But don’t hesitate, tomorrow night is the big night!



  1. I saw the headline for this and pooed my pants. Then I saw the city listings, and sniffed as I cleaned them. No St. Louis. Bah!

    Quick note though: Toronto? I mean, Chicago and San Fran make sense being big cities and all, but Toronto. Why not New York City? Is it just too big? The Canadians have all the luck.

  2. The Gateway City has its share of sneaks, but not its share about publicity about them.

    Sometimes I feel like half the people on this site are from St. Louis.

  3. What does the Frapper have to say about that? I’d be interested…

  4. Not to rub noses in anything, but I currently have a free pass to an advanced (though not as advanced) screening on March 5th, courtesy of my LCS, Eide’s in Pittsburgh.

    Color me excited.