Adios, Bill Jemas

Oddly enough, we haven’t mentioned that it looks like Bill Jemas is out at Marvel.

Jemas is currently the President of Publishing for the comic giant, but as of January, he will no longer hold that position. What isn’t clear is whether or not he will stay with the company in another position. I’m sure details will follow.

I find myself wondering if I am just believing the hype that Jemas is the root of evil, so to speak, or if he’s just a scapegoat for the fans. I suppose his exit will signal whether things will change or not. What people can’t deny is that during Jemas’ tenure, we saw Marvel as strong as they’ve been in any recent memory. How much of that was Jemas’ doing, we may never know.


  1. Here’s some more info on the restructuring.

    I know words like restructuring because I lived through the dot com era.


    Marvel Enterprises Expands Management Team to Position Company for Next Phase of Growth
    Tuesday October 14, 7:00 am ET

    NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Oct. 14, 2003–In a move designed to enhance its existing management team, Marvel Enterprises, Inc. (NYSE:MVL – News) announced today two strategic hires and the re-alignment of existing management to position the Company for the next phase of growth. Dan Buckley has rejoined Marvel as Publisher, a new position at Marvel Enterprises, and Joel M. Safir has been named Vice President – Finance.

    Shifts in existing management to re-align key managers with growth initiatives include Bill Jemas, who has been named Chief Marketing Officer, a new, non-executive position at Marvel.

    More in the link.