Adam WarRock Oni Press Mixtape – FREE

If you're not familiar with Adam WarRock, maybe now is the time. Oni Press let us know that WarRock, known as one of the preeminent artists in the nerdcore rap comic book crossover genre (admittedly a narrow field), put together an Oni Press Mixtape. You can download the 20 tracks for free from and you'll hear both beats and rhymes on the subjects of your favorite Oni Press titles, like Guerillas, Queen & Country, Stumptown, and Wasteland.

Here's your full track list:

1. “Intro”
Beat used: RJD2 “Things Go Better”
Samples: Grosse Point Blank, Henry Rollins interview

2. “Japanese Demons”
Beat used: David Byrne & Brian Eno “Strange Overtones”

3. “Super Pro K.O.”
Beat Used: The Last Emperor “Here We Are”

4. Jarrett Williams Interlude

5. “Guerillas”
Beat used: PJ Harvey “Meet Ze Monsta”

6. “Queen & Country” featuring Tribe One
Beat used: Soul Position “Run”

7. “The Sixth Gun”
Beat Used: Julian Casablancas “The Tourist”

8. Cullen Bunn & Brian Hurtt Interlude

9. “Crogan’s Vengeance” by Tribe One
Beat used: The Zutons “Pressure”

10. “Salt Water Taffy”
Beat Used; The Bees “Who Cares What the Question Is”

11. Jen Van Meter Interlude

12. “Hopeless Savages”
Beat Used: The Thermals “Now We Can See”

13. “The Damned”
Beat used: Squirrel Nut Zippers “Hell”

14. Greg Rucka Interlude

15. “Stumptown”
Beat Used: Infamous MC “Y’all Not Ready”

16. “Possessions”
Beat used: Mountain Goats “Romans 10:9″

17. Antony Johnston Interlude

18. “Wasteland”
Beat Used: Passion Pit “Swimming In the Flood”

19. “D.I.Y” (Outro)
Beat Used: Spoon “Don’t You Evah”

20. “Stumptown (Portlandia Remix)”
Beat Used: Washed Out “Feel It All Around”

Finally, if you're headed to Emerald City Comicon in Seattle, you could make your way to this event, where Adam WarRock will be performing, along with Kirby Krackle, and H2Awesome at the Hard Rock Cafe.



  1. Aw man this is awesome. War for Infinity was my favorite album of last year! If this is as good as his west coast avengers mixtape were in for some good times!

  2. Normally, the whole nerdcore thing is a big turn off for me. It seems like pandering and a lot of it doesn’t seem to take much creativity or talent. Adam WarRock surprised me. I love his West Coast Avengers mixtape and can’t wait to listen to this. Even though he packs in a lot of references and jokes, there are a handful of tracks that are just straight up good rap. Vision off of the WCA mixtape is really damn good. Even Spider-Woman, which was just poppy and fun and didn’t have a lot of meat to it still came off as a really fun track. Hawkeye and Mockingbird was great too. Maybe he’ll change my mind on the nerdcore thing. We’ll see. 

  3. I haven’t listened to this kind of music before, but I’m dying to hear what Queen and Country sounds like.  Downloading now.