Actual Headline: Pug Says ‘Batman’ When it Barks

Do your best to ignore the anchors.

Which is easy, because the pug says "Batman".

Sort of.


  1. …Ace?

  2. to quote Adam West – "WHAT?!"

  3. This IS AWESOME!!!

  4. Now it’s put in over the song. This…hysterical 

  5. I love watching 30 second ads for 38 second clips.

  6. Very nice. Seems that dog might have been easier to train to follow commands than Jason Tood was…

  7. Always creepy for me when dogs even approach talking.

  8. Must have been a slow news day.  That’s not a dog its a beach ball with fur.

  9. @OnASunday – No doubt!  A modern-day, real-life superhero for me would be someone who abolishes advertisements like this all together.


    Bozhe moi!  Talkink dogs?  What is next?

  10. @Jurassicalien… read my effin’ mind!!! That link is hilarious!!! and now I’m going to send this to all my friends, a chain mail of joy=]

  11. So… the obvious question is, when is iFanboy gonna put out the "BatmanPug" t-shirt?

  12. It sounds even more like Batman when you listen to it with the theme song.  Nice find Jurassicalien.

  13. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    This doesn’t make me feel good. I don’t like it at all. 

  14. This story put a smile on my face after spending a ridiculous amount of money at the comic book store.

  15. I was expecting a Christian Bale Batman voice.

    That was more Robin The Boy Wonder voice.

  16. Love this video, and I can’t stand pugs.

  17. After seeing this video last week I’ve been trying to teach my pug to recite the entire Superfriends theme. Sadly it just comes out sounding like the theme to Mr. Belvedere.

  18. so, we have an opening song..

  19. So he did the voice in the 60’s Batman song?

  20. Amazing!

  21. Last pug I hugged it’s eyes popped out.