A Whole Bunch of Exclusive EXTERMINATION #2 Covers

Without Irredeemable to make superheroes a little bit more dark, someone has to fill in that void. Si Spurrier (Crossed) steps up with Extermination from BOOM! Studios, about a world after superheroes, where this is bad, and then really bad, which makes the bad sort of like good. Either way, Spurrier is known for some twisted ideas and imagination, and this promises to be more of that. With Garry Brown on art, it could be a good time. Plus the first issue will only be $1.

As always, BOOM! puts out a bunch of covers, and puts very good artists on those covers. They’ve given us the first look at the bevy of covers for Extermination #2.

Take a gander at these pieces from Trevor Hairsine, Ben Oliver, and Michael Gaydos, and look for the issue in July.


  1. This looks sick, in a good way, love that cover C (gas mask)

  2. SI also wrote Hellblazer City of Demons, which was even better than Crossed due to his stellar writing and who else, but Sean Murphy on pencils. I’ll definitely check this out.