A Taste of Comics #7 – Burgers

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June 17, 2010 – With C.B. Cebulski out traveling the world in the name of comics, Filip Sablik, Russ Cundiff and Ron Richards pick up the Taste of Comics baton and have a rousing discussion of recent meals, great comics, a discussion about Digital Comics as well as talking about the great american dish: Burgers

Church & State (LA)
The Tar Pit (LA)
David Burke's Primehouse (Chicago)
Days Missing 
Digital Comics 
8 Ounce Burger Bar (LA) 
Tommy's Burger (LA) 
Burger Bar (SF)
Burgers and Cupcakes (NYC) 
The Counter (LA) 
Brick Stone (DC) 
Boa's Steakhouse (LA) 
Burger Joint (NYC)
Burger Joint (SF) 
Metro Burger (SF) 


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Wonderman (Hammer Smash Ball)

Atom & His Package


  1. Unrelated but a Five Guys Burgers just opened up in Fremont, CA! Pretty good.

  2. Pearl’s Jam in SF is the best Burger Joint!

  3. FIVE GUYS = AWESOME!!!!!!

  4. I’m loving the hell out of having a list of places to visit around L.A. 🙂


  5. Hungy.

    Haven’t heard Atom and His Package since I saw him play eight or so years ago.That’ll be interesting and it doesn’t hurt that burgers are one of my favorite things.

  6. Umami Burger is the absolute best burger in LA.

  7. Love the love for Tommy’s Burger! Definitely think they deserve more attention.

  8. I’m getting the Breakfast Episode #6 when I try to download from the website….Bah! I was looking forward to this I’ll have to try somewhere else

  9. Fixed.

  10. Counter Cafe in Austin, Tx. Open from 8-4. One of the best burgers in town.  Everything on the burger is so fresh. Sweet buns and sweet potato fries.  Only wish they were open later.

  11. I’m an In N’ Out fan and I know the ifanboys have said the same.  Last year’s San Diego pictures (on your flicka) showed a huge, messy, heart-a-takky burger.  What restaurant was that?  I think one of you even mentioned it was better than In N Out.  It was beautiful.

  12. I don’t understand what’s so good about five guys? Maybe because I live in Chicago and we can get a great burger around every corner, but Five Guys was pretty tasteless and standard.

  13. @UncleBob – That was Hodad’s in San Diego. It was amazing.

    Five Guys is pretty good for like a fast food burger, but not amazing.  Also not cheap. In-N-Out reigns.

    Man, I’ve got to listen to this one.