A Taste of Comics #18 – Life After San Diego

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September 7, 2011 – Recorded a couple of weeks after the San Diego Comic-Con, Filip Sablik, C.B. Cebulski, Russ Cundiff and Ron Richards gather for a little food and comics wind down.  While we don’t discuss our meals had at San Diego, we do discuss some fantastic meals from around the world.

We get a taste of Russ’s culinary adventures in Paris featuring Falafel, Ron’s pork sliders discovery in New York City, Filip gets a night out for Italian in LA and C.B. tells the tale of the food trucks tragedy of Midtown NYC.

In the world of comics, Filip talks Severed and Graveyard of Empires, C.B. is digging the new Punisher, Russ enjoyed Rust and Ron owns up to All Star Superman.

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Not In Love
Crystal Castles featuring Robert Smith


  1. The return of my favorite podcast!

  2. Wow, a shout-out for L’As du Fallafel — you are correct, sir! Best falafel I’ve found in Paris. I’ve listened to the POTW podcast many times while walking the streets eating falafel from that place. I always take visiting friends there too.

  3. 2 am in texas, just got home from work and i listen to the most delicious podcast very while frying bologna . F$@k i’m hungry for good food.