‘A Scanner Darkly’

Linklater’s new film looks interesting, but is this something your eyes can handle for two hours-ish?

Especially on the big screen?

I didn’t see Waking Life, so I’m not sure about my eyes.

And how many times can Keanu Reeves go back to this well? Until it stops working, I guess.


  1. Sure can. I made it through mirrormask, I can make it through this.

  2. How was Mirrormask?

  3. A little exhausting. It was a kids movie along the lines of Labrynth, a movie whose charm I never understood as an adult.

  4. A Scanner Dorkly. Sorry. Had to.

  5. *dances* The best part is it comes out after V. Huzzah! Two good movies to look forward to.