52 Pick Up

This Wednesday will mark the debut of the next stage in DC Comic’s seemingly perpetual universe shaking event, 52. If the thought of keeping track of everything going on in a weekly comic book series for an entire year seems daunting, have no fear! DC is here to help.

This website appears to be a fun way to keep readers abreast of all the goings on in this series without it seeming totally detached from the universe and the stories themselves. I just hope that it ends up being a good idea that is actually utilized properly in a way that enhances the readers’ experience and that it’s not just another wasted opportunity.

Can you tell that it’s Monday?


  1. Okay, let’s start a pool now to guess how long before DC misses a week. I’m going to be optimistic and give them until week #23. After that, it will become bi-weekly, then around early 2008 they will limp to a finish after almost everyone has lost interest and they are already knee deep into a new huge event that no one can fully understand because 52 hasn’t wrapped.

    The only thing that gives me more hope for Civil War is that it is such a short series. But notice we’ve started this without any idea of how the whole New Avengers vs. Mutant Powers Amalgamation guy ended, except to note that everyone except Alpha Flight seemed to survive.

  2. You said “abreast.”

  3. Okay, let’s start a pool now to guess how long before DC misses a week.

    A sentence very similar to this was in my first draft of this posting, but I decided to remove it because I didn’t want to be so negative so early.

    But, you’re right – if they can keep up the pace I’ll be bowled over.

    Unless Sergio Aragones is drawing the book.

  4. i’m looking forward to 52, i’m just going to have to expect that it’ll be about a year and a half before we see all 52 issues.

  5. I quite like the 52 website – I like the mok-up Cadmus banners etc. the content is a bit thin, but its pretty stylish.

  6. Yearly disposable income to DC’s “52” = Roughly $200

    Weeks a year I get suckered into buying “52” = 52

    Duckets a week I drop to buy an issue of “52” = $4 (Canadian)

    Faces on DC Exec’s when they know we will all buy each issue = Priceless…

  7. I think that 52 will see 30 issues before we start seeing a problem…

  8. Far be it from me to come off overly optimistic, but having listened to some interviews with the 52 people, it seems like they’ve got it well in mind that they can’t afford to drop the ball. They started way in advance, and it’s possible that they’ll drop a week or two here and there, I think we might be surprised that they pull this off.

    I’m much more concerned about the consistency of quality over the books, and the enourmous amount of errors that could be made. It will be quite a feat.

  9. Josh, I was tempted to write in some snarky comeback, but hey, maybe they will prove us all wrong and only miss an issue or two. That would be refreshing.

    I mean, Gwen Stacy secretly had the Green Goblin’s kids and MJ knew about and hid it from Peter for about a decade, so ANYTHING is possible…:)

  10. I believe they said the same thing about Infinite Crisis…