4 Things I’m Excited for at the NYCC

The New York Comic Con is, I have to be honest and say, one of the fastest growing comic conventions around. It’s only three years old and in that time, it’s gotten to be one of the biggest conventions in the country, which is what a convention in New York should be, BIG. But this year, the writing is on the wall, it’s going to be huge.  

Here’s what I’m going to be looking forward to:

1.  Creators

Last year there were a lot of creators in attendance and Artists’ Alley was jumping. The space was tight, so I hope they rectified that this year because the attendee list for Artists’ Alley is insane! John Romita Jr., Cliff Chiang, Steve Epting, Karl Kerschl, Kevin Maguire, the list goes on and on. That’s not even including all the creators appear at the booths of the comic publishers, like Marvel, DC and Image. If there is a creator you like, there’s a good chance they’re at the con.

2.  Panels

Given what we do, panels are hard to attend, I’ve all but given up on them in San Diego, but I always like to see a strong schedule of panels if I find the time to sit in on one. I’ve found that cons with crappy programming, like WizardWorld Chicago aren’t as much fun as ones with lots of programming. Both in that you want to get something out of your attendance of the con and it helps to clear out the con floor and artists alley. This year’s programming is packed, showing a marked increase in programming over last year. It could even be said there is TOO much programming. We’ll have to see.

3. Back Issue Diving

I’ve been reunited with my love for back issue diving after spending a few hours at some local comic book stores and raiding their quarter bins. I plan to do quite a bit of quarter bin diving as I try to round out my run of All Star Squadron and begin collecting The Defenders. There is nothing better than cheap, fun, old comics!

4. The iFanboy Community

Conventions are awesome for us especially because so many of you who enjoy what we do attend the show and we love it when you come up and say hi or stop and chat with us. I’m really looking forward to our get together on Saturday night, which should be the apex of fun — and I hope a lot of you can attend!

Things I’m not looking forward to: the crowds, parking and my aching feet on Sunday, but let’s not dwell on the negative.

Are you going to the con?  What are you looking forward to?


  1. This is my first con so I’m looking forward to the whole thing, but really looking forward to meeting the members of the iFanbase

  2. Hey Ron, looking forward to seeing you, Conor, and Josh again at the con.  I’m looking forward to the X-files 2, Lucasfilm, and Battlestar Galactica panels lined up, also some of the new toys/statues coming out.

  3. Looking forward to digging through some long boxes for back issues myself, the X-files preview, watching Doctor Who on the big screen, strolling through artist alley, and picking up that TMNT boxed set they’ve listed on the exclusives page.

  4. Nooooo!  Keep your hands off those issues of All-Star Squadron!  They’re MINE I tell you, MINE!! 

    I enjoy the panels but I usually sit near the back for a quick escape because when they open the floor to questions I find myself squirming as the geekiness rises to uncomfortable levels.

  5. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    I’m looking forward to meeting all the iFanbase coming out for the event.

    Also, I’m hoping to squeeze in the Hellboy stuff, at least get a glimpse of Mike Mignola, Guillermo del Toro, Ron Perlman, and Selma Blair.  I’d love to get some sketches.  I wonder if Eaglesham is in my price range or even if I’d be able to get to him in time before he’s booked for the weekend.  

    Otherwise I’m hoping for some small sketches from talented artists (some of the best sketches in my book are from unknowns) and to find a BPRD patch for my bag and an action figure for my desk.    

    Hopefully snapping some pictures too.   

  6. i’m glad to hear you’re into bin diving… not at this con so much, but it seems i’m the only one who hits up the 20 for 10 boxs…. so it’ll be good to have company. we can cover more ground…

    i.e. i saw a crap load of defenders in the boxes over in section 113 row 5

    i think the only defender books i have are "Dr. Strange and the Defenders" and the only reason i have those are because it was a split comic and i was really into cloak and dagger which made up the second half of the book

    though i did buy the miguire run a few years ago

  7. I’m looking forward to meeting the iFanbase as well.

    Also looking forward to getting some sketches and pictures as well.

  8. Just got my ticket today. Unfortunately, I have other plans for the weekend so I can only make the con on Sunday and won’t be able to to go to the meet up the night before. I’m really looking forward to Artist Alley and the Back Issue Bin. I’ll make sure to say hi to you guys if I see you on the Con floor. I’ll be wearing a Luthor 08 T-shirt.