2008 Small Press Idol Rolls On

One of the more interesting things about comics, creating comics and the effect of the Internet is we get things like the Small Press Idol contest. Burgeoning creators provide character designs and story pitches and you, the Internet user, get to pick who should win. This is an opportunity to see who tomorrow’s (or the day after tomorrow’s) comics stars will be and help propel them to the top.

If you’d like to vote, you’ll need to register here and if you’re looking for the iFanboy pick of the Small Press Idol, well that’s an easy one, The Adventures of Spud by Jeff Fox and Mark Oakley, which is a fun take on superheroes with a humorous spin.

So head over there and vote while you can!


  1. Hey Gang. I’m very happy to be the officially endoresed title of Idol this year. Much less of a turnout than last year entry wise, but I’m glad to be in it with some very talented creators. I do have to ask for your support in our efforts to win a four issue series to be published by the contest host, Dimestore Productions. With your help, we can get there. And please also check out the stories homepage at http://spud.aeoliandigital.com/. It’s just a landing page now, but will have much more content very soon. Thanks and mash on!