1,000 Batgirl Fans Can’t Be Wrong

In one of those bizarre internet phenomena, spurred by this sketch of Batgirl by Andi Watson, the artists of the world have united and have delivered over 1,000 sketches of Batgirl. It’s really neat to see individual takes on one specific character.

There’s no way you can see them all, but all morning, I’ve been randomly clicking on the list to check out the various incarnations — its a ton of fun! It’s like 1,000 different Elseworlds!


  1. There are some really great sketches in there. I wish the artists were more easily identified in the links.

  2. The Art Memes are majorly popular in the LJ communities I bounce around at. The current one being, the Spider-Man/Iron Man crossover meme.


    If I wasn’t swamped with getting ahead on Samurai Cowboy, I’d jump in the fray too I suppose.

    Jesus, livejournal’s servers aren’t doing well today.

    Nice site redesign guys!

  3. what’s samurai cowboy you ask?


    Thom makes his own comics. Badass.

    On another page, I’ve loved everything I’ve ever read by Andi Watson. He did a great sketch for me once.