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    November 13, 2008 11:47 am The problem with Marvel's Digital Subscription is that it is not transportable. You have to be connected. The viewer is clumsy. The books are in no apparent order. Last year Marvel targeted several of the major sites and do you know what happened? Nothing. The torrents moved to TPB and direct download link sites moved overseas. Following RIAA's path in the piracy war is laughable.

    If I was MarvelDCetc I would work with the comic scanners. I would learn what works and what doesn't work. Paying for a digital copy that you can not burn to a disc or put on a thumb drive to read on a laptop while you are in an airport does not work. Creating a crappy viewer when there are already several better viewers doesn't work. Hoping your digital service will be successful when you give digital comic buyers the option of DLing the book for free on wed/thur or paying and getting it from you 6 months later does not work.

    The other issues arrise with the digital service is how to compensate the creators. Are they getting a cut of each download? Each subscription? Can Marvel release digital versions of their books better than what is already out there?

    While I will not justify piracy, it has pushed the industries it has effected. In 1996 the mp3 codec was created and made so that it could only be used on officialt licensed software. Radium, a piracy group, broke down the codec, made it faster and more efficient, and able to be used by anything and then spread it across the Internet. Would there be an iTunes without a Napster? Maybe. But Napster proved that there was a market out there for digital music. Old industry suits stuck in the past should have jumped at the chance to enter a new market place but they pushed back holding to their old outdated business model. I consider iTunes a great success and would love a comic book version similar. I just want to be able to say, throw Captain America v5 1-40 on a thumb drive and read them in the terminal, on the airplane, in my bed at night.