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Piracy: Is That Still A Thing?

Legitimate digital comics could not be easier to get. Did pirates give up, or just shut up?

The Price is Right? I’m Thinking of a Number…

Are digital comics priced too high? When it comes to digital books, my mind seems to draw the line at ninety-nine…

The “Promo” Bay, Sullivan’s Sluggers, and Piracy

Baseball and cheating, what an unexpected pairing, right?

State of the Ruinin’

Traditionally, there are certain things comic book fans love to complain about. Have those things been dying down lately, or are these rose-colored glasses too thick to see through?

The State of Comics Piracy, 2012 Edition

What is it? Do you know what it is?

One Way To Reduce Piracy: Improve The LCS Experience

Except the shops that don’t suck, they’re fine.

Let’s All Go To The Library

Get your torches and pitchforks! (Just kidding, we’re only going to read.)

The Comic Book Pirate Interviews, Part III

In our final installment (for now) we take our most detailed look yet behind the scenes.

The Comic Book Pirate Interviews, Part II

We continue our series on the people who are uploading the books we’re arguing about downloading.

The Comic Book Pirate Interviews, Part I

Who are the men and women scanning and uploading comics for the web to torrent? An exclusive interview from inside the Scene.