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Out with the Tights, In with the Orcs!

With some help from Conor, Mike abandons the worlds of superheroes for a weekend and returns to his first geeky joy — fantasy comics.

Weekly Sketch Up – 11.02.2012

A few heroes, a few villains, and one angry Cimmerian.

Weekly Sketch Up – 06.22.2012

Superheroes, movies, and cereal. It’s everything you could want.

Comic Shots: CONAN THE BARBARIAN and a Hot Buttered Rum

Sinewy thews in your cup.

The iFanboy Letter Column – 02.03.2012

Not-quite-leading-man Jeffrey Dean Morgan moderates our letters for the week: the return of fantasy to comics, buying print vs. buying digital, and Rob Liefeld!

Heads Up: Dark Horse Comics Previews – April 2012

Lots of barbarians in April. What’s that about? Also some pulp and vampires. And other stuff. Oh yeah, droids!