iFanboy Contests

At iFanboy we’re here to provide countless hours of enjoyment of the world of comic books for you, the loyal member of the iFanbase. Sometimes that involves the opportunity for YOU to win something. Sometimes it’s comics (most of the times it’s comics) but sometimes it’s even bigger and cooler stuff. Here’s the list active contests and info on how you can enter!

Current Contests:

The Image Comics/iFanboy “Experience Creativity” Contest

To help celebrate their 20th Anniversary, we’ve teamed up with Image Comics to help you “Experience Creativity” and in the process, enter for a chance to win an iPad, fully loaded with digital copies of Image Comics’ 2012 new series first issues!

All you need to do, is head to the entry form, enter your name and info, and then list the 52 comic creators you think will be featured in Image Comics “Experience Creativity” ads this year! I know what you’re thinking, 52 is a lot! But hey, we just gave you 8 to start with in the image above alone. Add into the fact that 7 ads of creators have already run since January, and you’ve got nearly 20% of the answers already!

The winner will be selected from the group of people who guessed the most amount of creators from the full list. You can only enter once, so make sure you’ve got your list locked in place. The deadline for entries is March 31st, 2012. The winner will be announced in April.

Enter the Image Comics/iFanboy “Experience Creativity” Contest >


Past contests:

Avengers vs. X-Men: Playtime’s Over

Grab some Marvel action figures and stage a battle you’d love to see in the upcoming Avengers vs. X-Men event. Capture the scene on video or take up to three photographs to tell your story. Maybe it’s one-on-one. Maybe the numbers aren’t quite so even. It can be a serious match-up or something totally ridiculous. Write captions or tell a completely silent story.

Some rules. Try to limit your submission to only Marvel characters. At least one character from either side of the conflict. Keep it relatively clean and all-ages friendly.

Winners will receive a big stack of comics.  Send your photos or a link to your video to paul@ifanboy.com by March 1st to enter. Select entries will appear on iFanboy.com and winners will be selected by iFanboy readers.