Word Balloon Podcast The Bendis Tapes May 2010 Edition Part 1

It's that time again. Bendis is back to answer the questions readers posted at his Jinxworld message board. Learn the secrets behind his new slate of Avengers Books, Avengers with John Romita Jr, New Avengers with Stuart Immonen, and Avengers Prime with Alan Davis.  You'll hear about the line-ups and what's going on in the opening arcs. Plus details on the text and art back up feature THE ORAL HISTORY OF THE AVENGERS.

We also discuss Brian's new creator owned series Scarlett with Alex Maleev, attending the Iron Man 2 premiere, more details about his film project Fire starring Zac Effron , and the Marvel movies in current production Captain America & Thor.

Listen to Word Balloon – The Bendis Tapes – Part 1 with Brian Michael Bendis:

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  1. jackietam jackietam says:


  2. corpseed corpseed says:

    Yayyyy.. it’s been a while. LOVE the Bendis Tapes

  3. diebenny diebenny says:

    Awesome as always.  Thanks John!

  4. gobo gobo says:

    Did Bendis just confirm that Oeming is scripting Powers now?  Or did I hear that wrong?

  5. John Siuntres wordballoon says:

    bendis and oeming said this at the baltimore con loast november, and on our talk last month. they are co-writing powers.

  6. Jim Mroczkowski Jimski (@jimski) says:

    Ron espoused a conspiracy theory to that effect on the podcast when Powers #3 came out, but I didn’t remember hearing anything about it either.

  7. gobo gobo says:

    @Jimski Yeah I remember that, which is why it stuck out when I heard it.

    @John Thanks for confirming.

  8. Jim Mroczkowski Jimski (@jimski) says:

    My take-away is that I need to listen harder to Word Balloon.

  9. I love these. Thanks John.

  10. stasisbal stasisbal says:

    Even though I’ve been avoiding Bendis’ work for a while (I’ll check out Scarlet) I still find the Bendis Tapes a good llisten.  Pretty amazing how much time you guys put into these marathon podcasts.

  11. John Siuntres wordballoon says:

    "Ron espoused a conspiracy theory to that effect on the podcast when Powers #3 came out, but I didn’t remember hearing anything about it either."

     I had completley forgotten that B&O said that at the powers baltimore panel (Probably cause I was focused on being a good MC, making sure I didn’t take time away from potential audience q’s.).

    Fisrt I heard of Ron’s theory was on the 11′Oclock podcast. 

  12. Conor Kilpatrick conor (@cskilpatrick) says:

    (Umm… it wasn’t Ron, it was me.)

  13. Jim Mroczkowski Jimski (@jimski) says:

    All right, fine. I have to listen to Word Balloon AND iFanboy harder.

  14. kaufman1972 kaufman1972 says:

    Very entertaining listen, thanks

  15. CronyC CronyC says:


  16. John, you da man! If I ever make it CHicago, I’m taking you out for a burger and a beer!

  17. player1 player1 says:

    Thanks, iFanboy, thanks Word Balloon, and thanks to BMB. Excellent listen. Much appreciated. After a good 30 years, it has been a great joy to return to the Avengers universe and read these comics. Lots of fun. Cheers.