Word Balloon Podcast – Francis Manapul Part 1: Flash Facts

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  1. Nice!  I’m very excited to listen to this.  His art has been blowing me the hell away lately.  Good work as always, John.

  2. Thank you so much for this John! Your podcasts are just great man!

  3. Thanks guys, true to my word on the podcast panel, I will try to mix in more artists.



  4. Very cool interview. It is interesting though that I think the Barry Allen that Francis describes is interesting and yet I’m not actually seeing that on the page. In terms of writing, I mean. His art is flawless and is teh real star of the comic.

  5. Great interview! Manapul is a great artist and cool guy.

    In other things…John I’m happy  that you’re being interview in that canadian radio show (I don’t want to say the name)


  6. I could listen to Francis Manapul imitate border guards all day.  I laughed out loud at my desk at work.  Extremely enjoyable interview by the well prepared John.

  7. @Dura: Yeah, that was a funny story!