Weekly Sketch Up – 06/25/2010

Batman, Robin, & Clayface by Chris Samnee

Carbonite by Dan Hipp

Chewbacca by Whilce Portacio


District 9 World Cup by Francesco Francavilla

Nova by Doc Shaner

Father's Day by Skottie Young

Omar Little (Simpsons style) by Steve Lieber


Don Draper by Stephen Thompson


  1. Dugrex Dugrex says:

    Can we get a Don Draper comic now!  Skottie great as always.

  2. OnASunday OnASunday says:

    I look forward to this just for another Francis Francavilla sketch. WOW he is amazing.

  3. Bendrix Bendrix says:

    When did Portacio become that good? I wasn’t a big fan of his art back on WetWorks, but anything I’ve seen from him lately looks really good to great, like Chewbacca here.

  4. ohcaroline ohcaroline says:

    Simpsons Omar. . .Chewbacca with a machine gun.. .there are no words.

  5. Bendrix Bendrix says:

    @ ohcaroline: I’d say thats his trademark Bowcaster, not a machine gun.

  6. ohcaroline ohcaroline says:

    I. . .don’t know what that means.

    But i believe you!

  7. ActualButt ActualButt says:

    yup thats a bowcaster. the globes on the sides give it away.

  8. Josh Flanagan josh (@jaflanagan) says:

    You want to make a useful comment, please do. If you want to troll in the guise of a useful comment, you’ll get deleted.

  9. SpiderTitan SpiderTitan says:

    Wow those first 4 sketches are all so fantastic! Especially that District 9 one, if there wasn’t a title I would ‘ve thought that it was something to do with Man-Thing, or whatever, lol.

  10. s1lentslayer s1lentslayer says:

    Chewbacca and District 9 top the bunch.

  11. Dan Dan says:

    @Bendrix – I completely agree – Portacio has just grown leaps and bounds in the last few years. That’s probably one of the best Chewbacca drawings I’ve seen in a long, long time.

    And Skottie Young’s sketch almost makes me want to be a father. Almost.

  12. Simmons Simmons says:

    I would like to see Chewie drawn with a mini-gun or Tommy gun in a similar pose

  13. Neb Neb says:

    I’m usually not a fan of Portacio’s work, but I gotta say that the Chewbacca is pretty rad. 

  14. Genghis Genghis says:

    The Skottie Young pic kinda makes me think of Josh and Ollie, though I’m sure it’s coincidence.  Very cute.  

    But for me it’s the Portacio sketch that impresses me the most this week.  I agree that Whilce has come a long way since his early X-Men days when I first noticed his work.  Wasn’t he out of commission for a while some years back due to illness?  Glad to see him back.

    Samnee’s work is impressive as always with his masterful use of light and shadow.

    And Francavilla’s sense of design is utterly amazing. I can’t count how many times I’ve stared at a blank piece of paper with no idea how to begin.  This guy has got some serious sprezzatura happening and I bow to his genius.  Frank’s one to watch…

  15. Josh Flanagan josh (@jaflanagan) says:

    Skottie and I both had wee blond sons within a few months of each other, so yeah, there is that.  He’s my internet daddy soul brother.

  16. Heroville Heroville says:

    Don Draper kinda looks like a drunk and angry Sterling Archer

  17. r3v r3v says:

    That is a bad-ass wookie.

    Portacio’s isn’t bad either. 

  18. Gramercy Gramercy says:

    y is robin smiling like that…?

  19. Cornelius says:

    The intrinisic joy of mud?

  20. I love Francesco Francavilla but I don’t know if i’ve ever seen him do something that awesome.

  21. vadamowens vadamowens says:

    Chewie’s fantastic.  What a beautific sketch!!!

  22. Crucio Crucio says:

    He’s a young Robin number one. It was always fun for him.

    I love the Skottie Young my favorite of the week 

  23. ButchCassidy ButchCassidy says:

    That Whilce Portacio Chewbacca is f’ing awesome! That may be the best thing he’s ever drawn. Love the Don Draper too!

  24. Firebreather Firebreather says:

    District 9 hands down…