WEBCOMIC: Jeff Parker and Erika Moen’s BUCKO is Blue with Infinite Rage!

Our vestibular systems are being rocked by a series of timed charges in the ongoing webcomics explosion. If we were Yosemite Sam, our beards would be sooty

The latest ripple comes at the detonation of a brand new webcomic from Jeff Parker (Hulk, Thunderbolts) and Erika Moen (DAR: A Super Girly Top Secret Comic Diary, guest strips for every webcomic you've ever bookmarked). 

Debuting today, Bucko is a twice-weekly serial about a guy named Rich "Bucko" Richarson. In the first three pages, we meet Rich on the wrong end of what might be a one night stand, roused by an unfamiliar girl, late for a job interview. This necessitates his walk of shame become a hasty pedal of shame through the rain in blue, blue Portland, Oregon. 

But this isn't just a slice of life story. According to the About page, diarrhea and murder are forthcoming! 

One of our resolutions for 2011 is to read more webcomics, and I'm pretty excited to join this one on the ground floor. Check out those first three pages and tune in again on Friday for the next update. 


  1. I want that symbol for infinite rage on a t-shirt.  I’d so buy that.

    Great start to a strip.  This looks like it will be a lot of fun.  I’m on board.

  2. I will definitely follow this one. I loved DAR and I am excited to see a new regular series from Erika Moen.

  3. HAHA, i really liked this one! adding to my bookmark when i get home.

  4. Really nice opening shot, I loved how they put 3 parts out at once.  With the three you get a feeling of what’s actually going on, instead of having to way a couple more days.  It worked, I’ll be following it.