Stephen King and Joe Hill Share ROAD RAGE for IDW This February

ThrottleThis afternoon, IDW Publishing announced a father-and-son team-up between famed novelist Stephen King and Locke and Key/The Cape scribe Joe Hill to adapt their story Throttle into graphic form. Throttle will be half of a four-part series, Road Rage, which will also adapt the story that inspired it, Richard Matheson’s Duel.

Throttle originally appeared in an anthology honoring Matheson and his body of work, He Is Legend. Both stories are action-packed tales of hapless travelers being chased down mercilessly by an unseen assailant in a big rig. If this sounds familiar, it may be because Spielberg fans recognize Duel as the source material for the director’s first film.

The book’s credits are a Who’s Who of past King and Hill collaborators. Adapting the book with them will be IDW CCO Chris Ryall, who also edits Locke and Key, and art will be handled by The Cape’s Nelson Daniel. Daniel and Phil Noto will be doing covers, with some extremely cool variants provided by Tony Harris.

Road Rage: Throttle hits shelves in February, with Duel relentlessly following right behind it in April.


  1. The first King father/son team-up? Creepshow.

    I watched it the other night and had forgotten that Joe Hill is the boy at the beginning and end of the film (if someone threw my comics away I’d want to voodoo doll their ass too), and of course Stephen King as the lonesome Jody Verrill.

    and for the record, The Crate is the best short from that movie.

  2. I’m down for anything inspired by Richard Matheson.

  3. I liked what that King guy did with American Vampire, I wonder if he’s done anything else.

  4. Looking forward to this! Locke and Key………….simply the most consistently awesome comic of the last few years. The artwork is gorgeous… it comes to life…… and the writing is probably the best in the business.. Hill’s novels are pretty cool too… give them a shot.
    @amir.. ya A vampire was great while King was working with Snyder.. seems to have lost focus since then.

  5. JeffR (@JeffRReid) says:

    Matheson’s Duel is, hands down, the scariest thing I’ve ever read in my life. I just read it last summer and it put all of my fears about back highways onto paper. It’s amazing how many of my buttons Matheson pushed with that short story. It’s too bad that I don’t want to read anyone else’s adaptation of it after how much I loved the original.

  6. I’m in… just as soon as they’re available as a tpb