Blast those tyrannical Truld. They’ve had the rest of the galaxy under their metallic thumb for countless eons. But the Coalition has plans to retire the Truld to an interstellar scrap barge. If only they can overtake the tyrants in a race for the Ortheeni Runes, keys to a powerful force even greater than the Truld and their warships. It’s time for a few young warriors to step up their training, well in advance of their intended graduation day. This is the tale of the Rune Keepers by David A. Adams, Richard A. Knaak and Steve Clarke

From Rune Keepers: Remnants #1

You’ve no doubt noticed that Rune Keepers: Remnants doesn’t look like most comics on the shelves. It actually looks a lot like scenes from a video game cutscene. Indeed, it was created with the same 3D modeling programs used to produce CG animated features and games. 3D Warp Entertainment is trying something new, creating a fully-rendered 3D universe brimming with exotic creatures and technology, then telling their story through both comics and video.

The company’s David A. Adams explains.

“Think about reading a digital comic, the story and art building up to a climax and then watching that climax as a full CG animated video clip, similar to seeing the cool cut scene at the end of a video game. Because we are essentially creating the graphic novel series the same way a CG animated film is produced, such ‘hybrid’ forms of digital comics are possible. In addition, if the RUNE KEEPERS: REMNANTS series is a success, we plan to release a full animated version – obviously using the same models and art.”

This results in some pretty spectacular space battles and landscapes.

From Rune Keepers: Remnants #1

The decision to present the story in both comic and video format–both from the same 3D modeled source material–is a unique one. The book is at its best in the climactic space battle and in scenes featuring the cold, cunning Truld. Luckily, such scenes dominate the proceedings.
Want a preview of the video portions to come? Here’s a trailer:

You can grab the first issue of Rune Keepers: Remnants right now for just $0.99 on Graphicly.