The Phantom Stranger is spooky enough on his own, but paired with the Spectre, the smoke machines are on full blast straight through the weekend. Get ready for posturing and platitudes as two of the DC Universe’s most self-righteous mystery men square off in the ultimate battle of the wills.


Written by Dan DiDio & J.M. DeMatteis
Art by Brent Anderson & Phillip Tan with Rob Hunter

• The Phantom Stranger’s family has gone missing!
• He’ll stop at nothing to find them, even if it means going up against Pandora and the vengeful wrath of The Spectre!

Now, how’s about that preview?


  1. spaceghost15 spaceghost15 says:

    I’ve been really digging this book. Glad I picked it up.
    That cover is awesome and creepy. Love it

  2. bub64882 bub64882 says:

    What time is Arrow on? I forgot…

  3. alexhoward says:

    Love the Phantom Stranger but I still don’t understand how he has a family and a secret identity. That part seems dumb. I kind of miss him having an ambiguous origin, too.

    • canadianD canadianD says:

      I think the character is too mysterious and broad to have a defined series and background.I understand that its going to somehow tie-in to Trinity War but the series never grabbed me.Dan Didio ought to focus on running the company rather than writing.

  4. I will say this, I love that creepy cover…but I’m not buying it.

  5. Tetsu says:

    Surprisingly, I’ve really been liking this series. Bringing JMD on board only makes me like it more.

  6. JSAkid JSAkid says:

    Love it!!! These are the pulp obscure mysterious characters that got me loving DC in recent years aside from Batman and The Spectre and Phantom Stranger’s origins are connected as seen in Phantom Stranger #1, at least the Jim Corrigan embodiment of Spectre, and love these last two Jae Lee covers, please stick around Jae, it’s working.

    • konkrypton konkrypton says:

      I have a special place in my heart for both Spectre and Phantom Stranger. As you pointed out, they both have a “pulp” feel to them, and I loved the rare event that would draw out the Stranger to help the main heroes. Likewise, I remember when Spectre was in Adventure Comics back in the 70′s. (Yeah, I’m way old.) I loved Jim Aparo’s art on Batman and Spectre so much!

      I’m keeping my fingers crossed for this comic, hoping it doesn’t go downhill. So far, I’m interested.

  7. Juhl75 says:

    Those banners are LAME! Very cool cover otherwise.

  8. Pandaviagra Pandaviagra says:

    The New52 Spectre’s costume needs more lines!