Preview: STORMWATCH #21

Lobo’s always been a bit of a space oddity, an anomaly drifting between way stations, searching for solace in the bottom of every bottle. Next week, Jim Starlin seeks out the answers in inner space, as Lobo runs afoul of both Stormwatch and the ever curious Kollective.

“We can hide the women. But the man deserves a drink.”


Written by Jim Starlin
Art by Yvel Guichet, Jonas Trindade
Cover by Jim Starlin, Rob Hunter
32 pages/Color/$2.99

While searching for the truth about the Kollective, the team runs straight into the arms of Lobo!

Now, how’s about a preview?


  1. I may check this out, but not just because of Lobo. I love Starlin, but his first issue didn’t impress me. Maybe I should give it a second chance. The art looks cool at least.

  2. When did they go all goofy Superman font with the title?

  3. Love Starlin. Love Lobo. I’m definitely in for the first arc of this. The first installment was pretty interesting. I love the fact that Starlin had the balls to reset the universe by page 3 and I’m really hoping Lobo gets the Thanos treatment, that is to say, not just written as a common thug or goon. A little depth and complexity would go a long way to make him far more interesting than the usual “main man” spiel. Fingers crossed.

  4. I’m with it for Starlin and Lobo as well, hope this does give Lobo a lil more depth too but gong off a panel where he passes out drunk smashing his face through the bottle I’m not counting on it. He’ll always be the “main man” no matter how they write him. I love some of his mini series but his cameo’s really should be more effective to his existence. Being the 1st add on DLC character in DC Injustice Gods Among Us video game can’t hurt. I haven’t read Stormwatch in awhile and am hoping a cosmic legend like Jim Starlin gives us a good run.