Preview: PLANETOID #5

It’s been a while since the last installment of Planetoid, but here we are at the last stand. Silas and his ragtag band of freedom fighters rally against the merciless automatons of the Ono Mao. Do the humans and frogs have what it takes to topple a regime of titanic robots? Is the hope of their liberation and Silas’ training enough to see them through this impossible confrontation?

One way to find out!


By Ken Garing
$2.99/Color/32 pages

Warfare ensues as the tyrannical forces of the Ono Mao attempt to wipe out the planetoid’s only hope for civilization!

Now, how’s about that preview?


  1. Finally! I’ve been waiting months for this. 🙂

  2. So pumped for this!

  3. I really liked the first couple of issues a whole lot, but I can’t do the irregular schedule. I’m looking forward to a nice collected edition of this.

  4. Super-excited for this final issue, been a fantastic series & Garing has done an exceptional job!