Preview: Hell Yeah #1

You’ve read about it after it was announced at New York Comic Con.

You’ve heard writer Joe Keatinge talk about it on the Don’t Miss podcast.

Now’s your chance to see it before it hits the stands in fine comic book stores everywhere, it’s Hell Yeah #1!

20 years in the making, Hell Yeah #1 is the new creator owned series by writer Joe Keatinge (Glory) and newcomer artist Andre Symanowicz. Dubbed as “The Last Generation of Heroes,” Hell Yeah stands as a modern comic book story, preying on the legacy of super hero comics that have come before it.

Now for the first time anywhere, you can read the first 10 pages of Hell Yeah #1.  Prepare to have your world rocked.


32 PAGES / FC / T+ TEEN PLUS – $2.99


Twenty years ago, the first-ever superheroes debuted without warning and forever altered our global culture! Now, the generation born in their wake fight to claim their place in a world evolved beyond them!

Written by Eisner & Harvey award-winner JOE KEATINGE and illustrated by ELEPHANTMEN and POPGUN’s ANDRE SZYMANOWICZ, HELL YEAH combines the over-the-top excitement of the original Image Comics launch with modern, innovative storytelling.

It all begins with a giant-sized first issue containing a full thirty-two pages of story with no ads for the regular price of just $2.99!


  1. I know it’s a shameless plug, but I figure people in the LA area would want to know. Joe Keatinge, who lives in Portland but was born and raised in LA, is back to LA tomorrow for the Los Angeles Release Party of HELL YEAH #1, at both Collector’s Paradise store locations. More details here on the Pasadena Release Party:

  2. Looks pretty good. I live in Portland, actually, not far from where the opening scene takes place, coincidentally enough. The artist nailed the look of that section of Broadway.

    Regardless, it reads well, and I’ll be picking it up to see what all the hub-bub is.

  3. I saw the word Portland and immediately assumed this was a book about organic chicken farming.

  4. I saw the word Portland and immediately assume this was a book about hippies,trees and rain.

  5. I watched the shows with the convention interviews and listened to the Don’t Miss podcast and thought it sounded okay, but this preview has sold me. Looking forward to checking it out tomorrow.

  6. intresting concept will be checking this out hell yeah………