Preview: DEATHSTROKE #18

Even in the New 52, Slade Wilson just can’t shake those meddling kids. In next week’s Deathstroke #18, the Terminator takes on the Teen Titans and Ravagers too. Then there’s this whole Bushido thing happening. That’s stressful stuff. But stressful enough for this kind of acupuncture? Yeesh!


Written by Justin Jordan
Art by Edgar Salazar, Scott Hanna
Cover by Eduardo Panisca, Eber Fereirra
Color/32 pages/$2.99

• Finally! Deathstroke vs. The Teen Titans!
• You want more? You got more, as The Ravagers join the fight!

Now, how’s about that preview?


  1. Oddly, I am now interested in Deathstroke. Too bad Jordan isn’t getting more time with it.

  2. What a fantastic cover. I love the contrast between the detailed roughness of the ninja in the background and the simple smoothness of the blood in the foreground. It’s like the image shifts styles from realism to cartooning as it moves forwards.

    • Yeah, say what you will about this series (I didn’t read it), it had some great covers in its run (but I’m a sucker for Bisley)…

  3. I was buying Deathstroke…right up to that abominable Lobo appearance. Too late for me, no matter how good it looks now.