Preview: Batman Beyond: 10,000 Clowns TPB

How many clowns can you stuff into Gotham City? For Bruce Wayne, the Joker was always one too many. For his protege Terry McGinnis, the number is closer to 10,000. Gangs of madcap miscreants garbed in motley and pancake makeup have long been a fixture throughout tomorrow’s Gotham, but these petty criminals are about to advance their gag to a deadly punchline. And the Batman aint laughing.

The trade paperback collection of Batman Beyond: 10,000 Clowns hits shelves this week.


Written by Adam Beechen
Art by Norm Breyfogle
Cover by Dustin Nguyen
Color/176 pages/$16.99

• When the Jokerz gang, a group of criminals inspired by the Clown Prince of Crime, launches a series of coordinated attacks all around the town, Terry McGinnis can only save so many people. Who can he turn to for help?
• Collects stories from BATMAN BEYOND UNLIMITED #1-13.

Now, how’s about a preview?


  1. I had no idea I was missing Norm Breyfogle this much!! Can he please start to draw a “normal” batman book?

    • Really? Not to undermine your opinion, or anything, but in my eyes his art hasn’t aged very well. Next to modern artists its pretty basic and shockingly run of the mill. And I used to really like his stuff in the 90s as well, but this really shocks me. I wouldn’t want him to draw Batman instead of Capullo or B&R instead of Gleason.

    • I’d love him on BATMAN & ROBIN. His stuff still looks fantastic.

  2. This! This I can get behind!

  3. That art is great, and I really liked the TV series. Anyone who has read this want to give it a recommendation?

    • I’ve read the first 6 or so comics and I have to say they are quite enjoyable (especially as a fan of the TV show).

    • If you loved the TV series you owe it to yourself to buy this book, same great characters, same Sci-Fi/Batman vibe you remember seeing over a decade ago.

      Honestly, I’d suggest buying the “Batman Beyond: Hush Beyond” trade, followed by the pre-New-52 mini-series which ran for 8 issues which I’m sure you can buy in trade also and then there’s this new trade and you’ll be up to date! 😉

      All written by Adam Beechen with different artists and YES, Norm Breyfogle is the best one to date and I hope he’s there to stay! 😉

    • Just make a precision, the 8 issue arc is called “Batman Beyond: Industrial Revolution” and I also recommend the “Justice League Beyond: Konstriction” and “Superman Beyond: Man of Tomorrow” trades which also come out next week.

      While not as great as Batman Beyond, they’re still quite enjoyable and an extension of the Beyond universe!

    • I’d say that this book has been consistantly one of my fav DC titles coming out at the moment. If you have strong memories of the show, I’d really recomend it. It does help if you’ve read the previous Batman Beyond books though

  4. What a fantastic cover.

  5. look at his butt! mmmmm

  6. I still have yet to read the Industrial evolution trade but once I do I’ll picking this up for sure. I wonder how different the book is going to be once Kyle Higgins takes over?

  7. Awesome, i bought the firs three issues or so and dropped since it was really like an anthology book and i was mainly interested in the Beechen/Breyfogle storyline, but Im really glad they collected it. Cant wait to pick this up