Neil deGrasse Tyson Discusses Appearance in ACTION COMICS on NPR


Superman watches Krypton die in Action Comics #14

While listening to NPR during morning drive, I heard this interview with Neil DeGrasse Tyson discussing his appearance in Action Comics #14, in the backup story where Superman works with the astronomy community to see Krypton last moments. My recent misgivings with most things Superman aside, I found this story really emotionally compelling — despite Tyson’s attempts at sounding cool by dumping on Aquaman and trying to make a joke about “Elastic Man”.



  1. I enjoyed it too. The best part of Action Comics have been these backup stories.

  2. You would think that NDT as a scientist would know some facts about how the ocean life is an incredible complexe and dangerous place and that Aquaman should be a much more interesting character utilizing those elements.

  3. it made me so damned happy to hear neil degrasse tyson talking about this story this morning. i especially enjoyed his crack about aquaman. because aquaman’s a joke.

  4. I really enjoyed this issue, and I’m thankful Neil gave his blessings on this issue. My favorite part about this story with almost pitch perfect timing… this past weeks issue of Futurama had a NDT cameo in it as well! The professor was having a daydream about him!