Mike Norton and Dennis Hopeless go SUPER MYSTERIOUS with THE ANSWER

This month, Dennis Hopeless and Mike Norton bring you the Answer, from Dark Horse Comics.

Apparently if you win an Eisner, people start paying attention to your creator owned ideas.

The Answer


  1. walterwhite walterwhite says:

    It’s a grown up version of Kenny from South Park as Mysterion.

  2. That dude got shot in the penis.

  3. Skypants Skypants says:

    Has this character been in anything else before?

  4. rossco says:

    It’s from Mike Norton ! I have to get this

  5. icn1983 icn1983 says:

    That’s basically a mash-up of two scenes from “Robocop.” Still seems like a great read.

  6. acroanidd says:

    I was intrigued by this because I share the same name as Mike Norton, started reading his work, got blown away as most people do. Read the preview pages of this a few weeks ago, seen a guy getting his junk blown off through a skirt, and had the LCS put this on my pull list. Cannot wait.

  7. JSAkid JSAkid says:

    Looks fun!

  8. Jacen Chris Jacen Chris (@jcbhatestweeter) says:

    How crap, how many books can Norton draw in a month?!?!

  9. DrBr00klyn DrBr00klyn says:

    He looks vaguely like a mash up between The Question and Mr. A… and the original Rorschach costume…