Light Week? Try Detective Comics #871, Ultimate Spider-Man #150, and Thor: The Mighty Avenger #6

You're in the shop, and you want more. But what? You need guidance! Let us be that light to show you the way!

Josh says try:

Detective Comics #871

By Scott Snyder, Jock, & Francisco Francavilla

I've been excited about this creative team for a long time, ever since I heard about it from a little birdie back in San Diego, and wasn't allowed to say anything.  One of my favorite new writers, and truly one of the nicest guys in comics works with my favorite artist on a flagship character, and if there was only one book to buy this week, Detective Comics #871 is the one. Need some more convincing? How about this nice, long conversation I had with Scott Snyder? Not enough, then a preview you shall have.

Ron says try:

Ultimate Spider-Man #150

By Brian Michael Bendis, David LaFuente, Skottie Young, Sara Pichelli, Joelle Jones & Jamie McKelvie

I can't think of a better way to celebrate 150 issues of one of the longest running, consistently great titles Marvel publishes than the artistic tour de force that Brian Bendis pulled together.  Joining series regular artists LaFuente and Pichelli are two of my favorite artists: Jamie McKelvie and Skottie Young.  Throw in a fantastic artist I would never have thought would on Spider-Man — Joelle Jones — and this extra huge issue is clearly one to pick up, even if you've never read an issue of Ultimate Spider-Man before.

Conor says try:

Thor: The Mighty Avenger #6

By Roger Langridge, Chris Samnee, Matthew Wilson, & Russ Wooton

It's the book no one is talking abo– I'm sorry I'm being told that this is finally the book that everyone is talking about. Sadly, that's because there are only three issues left. Well, people, now's your chance to see what all the fuss is about. One of the best things about this book is that while there is an overall narrative to the series, each issue exists as a stand alone tale — so jump right in, the water's fine. Who doesn't want to see Thor face off against Fin Fang Foom as illustrated through the wonderous talent of Chris Samnee? Normally when a book is announced as canceled people abandon ship and sales drop. Let's not let that happen this time! There are only three issues left, so let's send this book out on a bang!


  1. purplehulk purplehulk says:

    Scott Snyder & Jock… sounds like a mob team.  Anyhow, that book is definetely on my pull list

  2. Ali Colluccio WonderAli (@WonderAli) says:

    Go Team Thor!!

  3. That’s some damn fine Jock. 

  4. RoiVampire RoiVampire says:

    It’s not a light week for me but dammit Josh you sold me on Detective.

  5. gobo gobo says:

    While these are all going to be great, Detective Comics has the most pulls on the site and Ultimate Spider-Man is extremely popular. They’re definitely great jumping on points though.

    Here’s my "Light Week? Try" list. 

    Stan Lee Traveler #1 from Boom.  Mark Waid is writing it! He’s been firing on all cylinders at Boom so I’ve got high hopes this is going to be good.

    Firebreather Holmgang #1 – Firebreather is back! This has been a really good series and it’s going to be a new TV series, you can see what the fuss is about before it comes to TV and be one of those cool kids who "Knew it when"

    Kull The Hate Witch #1 – Mainly because I’m a big Lapham fan!  Plus KULL! 

  6. gobo gobo says:

    Also Firebreather is by Phil Hester the new writer of Wonder Woman!

  7. That Detective preview is just… damn. Sometimes I hate being a committed trade reader.

  8. AmirCat AmirCat says:

    Wow, that Detective Comics preview reads so well! Can’t wait.

  9. I wish it were a light week. I’m surprised you didn’t mention the new Batwoman–i’m very on the fence about that. 

  10. we’ve got a plan to save Thor! 

    Take a picture of yourself with issue #6 tomorrow, and then tweet it to @marvel with the hashtag #SaveThorTheMightyAvenger !

     Or post it to the facebook fan page at 

  11. NathanNicdao NathanNicdao says:

    @Jurassicalien: that’s what she said..

  12. Zarathos81 Zarathos81 says:

    Last week was a light week. I got Avengers and…that was it. This week I get 5 titles plus the new Walking Dead trade. That’s a big week for me these days now that I’m only collecting 7 ongoing books (now that Thor: The Mighty Avenger and Jack Of Fables are both coming to an end early next year)