Personally, I liked working for the university! They gave us money and comics. We didn’t have to produce anything. You’ve never been out of college. You don’t know what it’s like out there! I’ve worked in the private sector… they expect results!


Josh says try…

Crogan’s Loyalty

By Chris Schweizer

The third beautiful hardcover in Chris Schweizer’s ongoing series of the trials of the Crogan family is upon us. In addition to some of the best lettering out there (that’s my thing, I’m sorry), the story is awash in history, both researched and imagined. In this installment, two Crogan brothers find themselves on different sides of the American Revolutionary War. Granted, we know how the war turns out, but the real meat of this family drama is in the relationships, and the wonderful cartooning.


Ron says try…

X-Factor #236

By Peter David & Leonard Kirk

Do my eye deceive me? Is there a major crossover going on that involves the X-Men and somehow X-Factor IS NOT tying into it? What a shocker! Regardless, X-Factor quietly continues to be one of the most consistent books published by Marvel, and not just of the X-Books, but all titles.  Now that Havok and Polaris have rejoined the team, it’s a good time for an X-Factor fan. And what’s this? The upper left corner of the cover features characters heads? This truly is a day to celebrate.


Conor says try…

Deadenders TP

By Ed Brubaker & Warren Pleece

Back in 2000 when we first started putting iFanboy together Deadenders was a very important book for us. Over the last 12 years there have been a lot of great books that we have loved that have been canceled because apparently no one else read them. Deadenders was the first cancellation that Josh, Ron and I experienced together. Josh took the end of this Ed Brubaker written and Warren Pleece drawn sci-fi adventure especially hard. I’m really excited for this trade paperback because for the first time all 16 issues (and the Vertigo: Winter’s Edge issue that featured a Deadenders story) are collected together.


  1. Dropping off of X-Factor early on is one of my biggest regrets in my comic reading life. I intend on getting the trades once I catch up on my Hellboy and BPRD collections

    The Crogan books sound like a ton of fun! I like the format too. I’ll have to check these out

    I’ve heard of Deadenders but have no idea what it is. Brubaker’s one of my favorite writers though so I’m sure it’s worth a look based on that alone.

  2. This is such a packed week that I cannot imagine adding anything else right now.

    But that Crogan book looks sweet as I love me some history…

  3. I love that old-school X-Factor cover with the heads in the corner. I dropped X-Factor maybe 8-12 issues ago because it felt a bit meandering, but it seems like people started talking about that book again almost as soon as I dropped it, so I’m inclined to pick up the last trade or two and see what’s going on. If only Marvel would drop the prices on their digital books at a reasonable rate, I’d hop in and pick up a few immediately.

  4. I wish it was a light week.

    Alas, it is not.

    I might try some X-Factor trades from the public library, though.

  5. Nice Ghostbusters reference.

  6. It’s about time Deadenders was collected. I love that book. The end of that book was truly a gut punch to me.

  7. Definitely going to get that Deadenders book, I’ve been looking forward to it. But then again I generally look forward to anything by Brubaker.

  8. This week is definitely not a light week, I love me some Marvel, but damn you double shipping!!

  9. I’m sorry as soon as I saw the cover to Crogan’s Loyalty and the line “Josh says try…” I cracked up because it’s almost pandering to his tastes. Like it was conspiratorially conceived to appeal to his taste for cartoony art styles and historical fiction. And not a cape in sight.

    Don’t get me wrong, it appeals to me suspiciously well too…

  10. Deadenders was awesome! Everyone should give this a try. This is a title that helped make Brubaker, Brubaker.