Jim McCann Brings a Zombie Christmas Carol in 2011

The words, "God Help Us, Every One" took a whole new meaning for me today as Marvel announced an upcoming project coming in the Spring of 2011 from Marvel and the hit writer of Return of the Dapper Men (and crazy, insane person) Jim McCann titled A Zombie Christmas Carol! The book promises to be adapted from the original Charles Dickens novel, which when I think about it, could be interpreted as a zombie story (the "ghosts" that visit Scrooge etc.) and I'm surprised no one has tackled it yet. 

We have no other information, like who the artist will be, but we do know it's coming in Spring 2011, so it will surely be collected into a hardcover or paperback in time for Christmas 2011. 

They did provide the following teaser image, with art by the amazing Mike Kaluta, which should give you a feel for what the book may be like…


  1. That… wow. I have no words. I have learned to trust McCann, though, so I guess I’ll just say “Sign me up”?

  2. this could be fun….but why release Christmas story in the spring time?…..i’d be more likely to check it out when it gets cold out but thats just me. 

  3. That is an amazing subtitle!!!

  4. i’m loving mccann’s hawkeye & mockingbird. this…could be good or bad.

  5. Jim McCann is getting to the point that what ever he does, I will buy it.   Can’t wait for this.