iFanboy Upstarts: Ryan Stegman

New creators come to comics every Wednesday, but it takes more than just showing up to make a name for yourself. What that requires is talent, and in this week's installment of iFanboy Upstarts is artist Ryan Stegman.

Michigan-based Ryan Stegman is a hot up-and-comer at the House of Ideas, and last week''s cover Fear Itself: Deadpool #1 gave him his biggest shot yet. It's that sense of energy and kinetic true cartooning that's allowed Stegman to break through. His ability to draw comedy just as well as the chiseled muscle-bound heroes of comics have made him a fan favorite, especially in iFanboy HQ where he was mentioned on a recent POW podcast.

Stegman got his start in 2005 on the UK comic series Midnight Kiss with writer Tony Lee, after that picking up a string of smaller company-owned work such as Marvel/Dabel Bros. Magician: Apprentice, Marvel Adventures Spider-Man and Warhammr. He got his first real shot at the big time when he was drafted to draw Marvel's Incredible Hercules in late 2009. From Herc to Hulk, Stegman spent 2010 doing the She-Hulks miniseries, various one-shots, and picking up a Marvel exclusive in 2010.

After a stint on Marvel's X-23, Stegman's next major appearance is as the interior artist for July's Amazing Spider-Man #665. But with Stegman's crowd-pleasing Fear Itself: Deadpool covers, I wouldn't be surprised if his next assignment is batting around the Merc with a Mouth.

For more with Ryan Stegman, check out this Talksplode podcast we recorded with him.








  1. His issue of X-23 was probably the best and most dynamic of the series.

  2. He was awesome on the She Hulks mini that came out last year.  He drew the hell out of it, and it was a lot of fun to read.

  3. So does this mean iFanoy are giving in to the Cult of Deadpool and drinking the Kool-Aid???  Finally???

  4. Awesome Hulk page. 

  5. Why not Stegman on “Avenging Spiderman”? His pencils are just as classically gifted as Joe Madureira, if not easier to look at.

  6. @WilliamKScurryJr  Because that book is being sold solely on Joe Mad’s name, and Ryan doesn’t have that kind of following. Yet?

  7. @WilliamScurry: Perhaps Stegman and Joe Mad can trade off the art chores on “Avenging Spiderman” to ensure it comes out on time.

  8. @josh  I think “yet” is right.  If he keeps improving on his game, I think Stegman is going to be a real fan favorite.  

  9. loved his work on X-23 hope he goes back and does some more

  10. I love his stuff, but not quite enough to buy most of the stuff he’s worked on. I am wildly excited about seeing his Spider-Man stuff. Seems like he was born to draw Spider-Man!

  11. The Lady Sif one-shot he did last year was some of the best art I’ve ever seen.