Hugs & Kisses From the My Funny-Book Valentine Contest Winners

Last week I challenged you to charm my socks off with your best comic-inspired Valentine creations. Many were cute, many were creepy, and my restraining order for Daniel “Big Yanks” Campozano can’t be processed soon enough. If any of you have pull with Philadelphia judges, please contact me at your earliest convenience. Please.

We got a metric ton of entries for this one, but I’ve culled ‘em down to the strongest concepts. Get ready for some feels. (Not you, Yanks)

Honorable Mention

Sue Storm

Daniel “Big Yanks” Compozano


fury love

Tarun Padmakumar


Ashton Burge

Copia de escanear0013

Joe Lozanno


Ifanboy XOXO contest 2

Tyler Mathiason


Heart break Bane

Oscar Martinez



Tarun Padmakumar


Amos “manwithoutbeer” Hatton



Ashton Burge


Superhero Valentine's Day Cards


Beth and Brent Ecenbarger, a.k.a. “cubsmodano”



joker vday1

Andrew Shores



Daren Wowchuk



Grand Prize Winners



Josh “Ithosapien” Rector


Adam Alanna_Valentine

Chuck Brouillette


Marcus Rocco



Kevin Kearney




John Douglas





  1. cubsmodano cubsmodano says:

    Great entries all around. Well done iFanbase.

  2. CaseyJustice CaseyJustice says:

    Holy Grodd… these are amazing. Well done, everyone!

    However, Man-Thing and Chew are clearly the greatest. Kudos!

  3. 85 85 says:

    Giant-sized man thing!!! XD

  4. daccampo daccampo says:

    Oh my god… Man-Thing has hearts in his eyes!

    These are inspired.

  5. IthoSapien IthoSapien says:

    I can’t believe I won! I blurted out “Oh MY GOSH” in the middle of class, but I’m too excited to care. Best Valentine’s Day ever!

  6. Metamorphic Metamorphic says:

    Yeah! My Chronos made it in the list! That takes the chill off this cold winter day!

    Awesome entries all around. Great stuff, iFanbase! Some serious talent out there in word and art. Take a virtual bow, all y’all!

    (On a related note, I think I now need a tattoo that says, “Imperious Sex!”)

  7. KillTheG1mp KillTheG1mp says:

    Congrats to all the participants, you made me smile and laugh hehehe! :D

  8. pyynk pyynk says:

    This page smells like victory, sweet, sweet, victory. A special high five to manwithoutbeer for allowing me to discover that I’m fluent in DKR Mutant lingo. Grodd help me.

  9. Its great that all the winner’s style ranges from the very smooth graphic design to hand drawn crayon(?) art.
    Congrats everyone!

  10. WheelHands WheelHands says:

    Good work everyone. Some really good stuff here.

    Sadly, I didn’t have enough free time to make the deadline. I would’ve blown you all away :) Bu these are ok, I guess :)

    Happy V-Day, iFanbase!!

    “Does it depress you, Commisioner? To know just how alone you really are?” :(

  11. marlo marlo says:

    The Groot-Namor-Watcher one is my favourite. “Imperius sex!” LOLOL

  12. Jikorijo Jikorijo says:

    Great job. The Man-Thing card made me laugh.

  13. stasisbal stasisbal says:

    Great stuff. The Chew one got a good laugh out of me.