Hickman & Dragotta Track the Four Horsemen EAST OF WEST

The words “Fall of Western Civilization” have never seemed so pertinent or, for that matter, possible. Because he’s not busy enough with Manhattan Projects and two high profile Avengers books (original recipe included), Jonathan Hickman’s got another ongoing on the skillet for March. East of West is a dystopian western about some bona fide horsemen ready to ride off into the sunset and take the sun and earth and you and me right along with them. See, they want to bring about the end of days.


Artist Nick Dragotta rides shotgun, a quick and cunning draw. So it’ll be pretty, just not exactly pretty. Hickman described the tone for Previews.

“East of West is a story about that feeling we’re experiencing collectively right now, as a society, that the world is in a bit of a spiral. You know, the end times are imminent and we all hate each other too much to come together and solve our problems…. And then, in the face of all that despair and gloom, somehow there is still hope. That’s East of West.”



  1. I really enjoyed their work together on FF, I think Dragotta’s art fit the best for the kids – and his work on the funeral issue for Johnny Storm really stuck with me.

    Looking forward to this big time.

  2. Just listened to Hickman talk about this on Word Balloon. Sounds very cool! I’m on board!

  3. This here…This is my bag.

    I’m really excited for this. Those covers are gorgeous.

  4. My reaction is basically “Wha?!? How about more Secret instead?” I *need* more of that book. This one I don’t know yet.

    It’s Hickman, so I am on board, at least initially. I am not a huge fan of Dragotta, but it could be a good fit, as he does really well with “out of this world” images. Faces and drawing on-model? Not so much. So, this could play to his strengths.

    • On Word Balloon (which doesn’t seem to be linked on the main page anymore), Hickman said Secret is more than likely dead and gone for the foreseeable future. Sorry.

    • That news sucks,I was holding out hope that #3 would come out eventually…..

    • @KenOchalek: My understanding was that it was just delayed, that it would eventually see the light of day. I heard the same episode of WB, and it wasn’t a definitive “This is never coming out.” It was more of a “Don’t expect this anytime soon.” Hey, look, if Scarlet can come back after years of being away, there is always hope.

    • Yeah, I hope I’m wrong… I elected to trade-wait on Secret, so I don’t really know what I’m missing.

      I’m not sure if Scarlet is the best comparison, it seemed like Bendis never stopped talking it up in during the downtime, as if it was just a matter of Maleev’s schedule allowing him to work on a lower (or un-) paid project.

      Time will tell!

  5. I will check this out for sure, but I really want Hickman to finish S.H.I.E.L.D.!


  7. As a lot of others have said it is annoying that Hickman’ll be bringing out another series when they’re others still un-finished that we’ve been waiting a good while for, but I do love everything he does & I am so onboard with this that I’ve already pre-ordered the first two issues already!

  8. Totally on board with anything Hickman does.

    The SECRET situation is a bit weird, however. From the way Hickman talks about it (being “dead” after issue 3) makes it sound as if it’s Ryan Bodenheim that is not delivering. There seems to be a bit of tension there — I don’t know what the case was like on RED MASS FROM MARS, but that’s weird that both books took forever. I can’t imagine it being because Hickman can’t find time to write…

    Who knows…