Aphrodite IX #1 from Top Cow for Free Comic Book Day

It’s never too early to start planning for Free Comic Book Day, and that’s exactly what Top Cow is up to. Coming off the heels of the successful launch of Cyber Force for free (thanks to Kickstarter), Top Cow just can’t get enough of those free books.  Recently they revealed their plans to launch a new Aphrodite IX series on Free Comic Book Day.

Unlike most Free Comic Book Day releases, which are special Free Comic Book Day editions or reprints, Aphrodite IX #1 will be the series first issue, a complete 32 pages, and totally free.  Written by Matt Hawkins, who’s recently had a hit with Think Tank, and art by Top Cow mainstay Stjepan Seijc, Aphrodite IX #1 will launch an ongoing series promising to be a mix of futuristic science fiction mixed with fantasy.

Today, Top Cow shared with us the reveal of the cover to Aphrodite IX #1, with art by Seijc. Info on the first issue is below, which comes out on Free Comic Book Day in May 2013. Start your planning to get your copy today.

Aphrodite IX #1

Written by Matt Hawkins
Painted by Stjepan Sejic
FC 32pp
A FREE COMIC BOOK DAY FIRST!  Aphrodite IX #1 will be part of FCBD history as the “free first issue will be the actual 1st issue of the new ongoing series with the 2nd issue shipping in June.  Top Cow’s fan favorite green haired heroine finally gets her own ongoing title.  Waking up in the distant future, Aphrodite finds herself in a vastly changed world where the air isn’t breathable and she doesn’t recognize the various factions vying for supremacy.  Navigating her own fragmented mind while attempting to re-integrate into society proves difficult when she is identified as a notoriously brutal assassin…but has no memory of ever killing anyone.  Writer Matt Hawkins (Think Tank) has scoured the futurist blogs and books to create a plausible but fantastic world with painter Stjepan Sejic (Witchblade, Artifacts) who promise to deliver a science fiction epic unlike anything ever witnessed before!


  1. Top Cow loves free comics!

    I still need to get around to reading Cyberforce #1.