EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: Red Hood and the Outlaws #4

The fourth issue of Red Hood and the Outlaws sees Starfire walloping in a winter wonderland. Which is not to be confused with the more festive and holiday appropriate ‘wassailing.’ This is more painful and explosive than all that, unless your caroling troupe has a really dynamite falsetto.


Cover by Kenneth Rocafort

This guy Crux has a mad-on for aliens, even if they look more human than he does these days. That’s bad news for Kori, but tremendous news for readers, as artist Kenneth Rocafort gets to unleash some cosmic fury on these pages. The characters are so stunning, you might not mind their battle is laying waste to the virginal snow of this Thomas Kinkade village. Fireworks in December? Sounds like fun to me.


Written by SCOTT LOBDELL; Art and cover by KENNETH ROCAFORT

The man who has pursued Starfire all the way to the wilds of Colorado has only one thing on his mind: her slow and painful death. His name is Crux – and he’s done some dark and dangerous work on his DNA to reach his goal of ridding the Earth of every alien on the planet! And Kori’s about to learn that Red Hood and Roy Harper have their hands full with the ancient evil known as The Untitled!

DC Universe / 32pg. / Color / $2.99 US

Let’s have a gander at some of Kenneth Rocafort’s stunning pages. The rest hits shelves on Wednesday.



  1. “Subterfuge is hy I’m up here”? Damn

  2. At last Starfire gets some serious exposure in this book woot! She shoulda been known as starfox nevermind that’s taken! Rocafort is the shiz nit def an unsung hero in this new 52! Love it! It’s all good in the hood!

  3. I approve of this comic.

  4. Rocafort is so good it makes me angry.

  5. fantastic looking art.
    dying to read this.

  6. The art is really good but I hate the sound effect “wham”. “Splat” makes more sense in most cases.

  7. Rocafort is rocking it!

  8. I am expecting sooner or later an issue that can put some things in track for me. Of all the series I’ve read so far this is the most confusing.
    The reason is cause I still don’t know what changed cause of the flashpoint.
    And i hope i get to see Scarlet making an appearance…

  9. I can’t shake the suspiciion that The Untitled is a place holder name and it slipped past the editor.

  10. Gorgeous art aside, may I take a moment to cheer the return of the editor’s asterisk!

  11. This book is so good. I hate all the flak it’s gotten just because people didn’t like what they did with Starfire (come on, do we really care what they did with Starfire?) – and because “Arsenal” and Jason Todd have been the crappiest characters in the worst stories of the past five years. This book is good.

    I will say, though, in #3 the coloring made it hard to immediately tell what was going on.

    Yes, this book more than any though makes me confused about the new 52. Roy says to Jason in #1, “Ask her if she remembers any of your old gang, Vic, etc.” Which implies that there was ALREADY a Teen Titans featuring Cyborg… but Teen Titans makes it seems like Teen superheroes are NEW, and Justice League makes it seem like Vic started as a Justice Leaguer.

    Anybody have this figured out?

    • The events taking place in Justice League #1, happened five years ago. Cyborg seems like he will be part of the team.
      I believe that Teen Titans are formed in these five years. To me, one thing that doesn’t seems to have changed cause of the flashpoint is that Teen Titans have many incarnations.
      So, to sum it up, the current Teen Titans are indeed a new team, but another existed before them.

      (That is, assuming of course that Starfire’s previous “gang” was a Teen Titans team)