Exclusive Preview: LEGION LOST #13

After delving into Timber Wolf’s origin in the last issue, it’s time to head back to the future! Or is it the present? The past? Somewhere in between? After Zero Month we’re a little disoriented on this one. Anyway, it’s Legion Lost #13 and the Culling has given way to Harvest.

Just goes to show. No matter what the millennium, barbarians will be there with sword and sandals at the ready, to get their barbering on. That might not be the right word, actually…

Legion Lost #13

Written by Tom DeFalco
Art by Pete Woods
Cover by Tyler Kirkham, Batt
Color/32 Pages/$2.99

• Harvest returns as Kwark the Space Barbarian comes forth to kill!
• The team may have survived The Culling, but will they make it through this adventure?

Now, how’s about a preview?



  1. This book is such a disappointment. Great art team. Interesting concept. Has gone nowhere. No. Where.

    • I was actually going to post the exact same positives and criticisms. This book continues to be a disappointment. I think it needs to be cancelled and replaced with a better Legion companion title.

      Or L.E.G.I.O.N

    • Or bring back DnA.

    • Nah, they’re doing pretty well on Hypernaturals. Wouldn’t want to rumble that (best ‘Legion of Super-Heroes’ comic currently being published!).

      Give me Tony Bedard (and Paul Pelletier while you’re at it) on Legionaries or The Legion, or some other 31st Century based Legion title so DC can just double-ship Legion of Super-Heroes every month.

  2. It broke my heart, as a die-hard LOSH fan, but I had to drop this title. Even though it had some of my fave Legionnaires

    • Yes, I dropped this with The Culling and while I miss what this title WAS, I am not attract to what it IS at present.

      I really had high hopes for DeFalco.

    • Me, too. I love the Legion, but I couldn’t take it anymore.

      I didn’t have high hopes for DeFalco, but I didn’t think he’d be this bad. Such stiff and dated writing.

  3. Wonderful art.