While the high-flying Blackhawks are coming in for a final landing with their 8th issue, there’s still time for some derring-do in the stratosphere of the DCU.


DC Comics has shared a preview of next week’s Blackhawks #6, which sees the team engaged in a desperate firefight with a mechanical menace in Buenos Aires. A horde of toaster-sized modular robots links together to form a wall of devastation. A swarm. Out of many, emerges one daunting presence. Can Lady Blackhawk and her team divide and conquer?

Written by MIKE COSTA
Art by CAFU and BIT

While the rest of the field team puts down a sudden uprising of rogue technology, Irish and Attila make the most of their medical leave by getting wasted in an Eastern European dive bar – though the locals don’t take kindly to having U.N. peacekeepers nosing around in their business…

DC Universe 32pg. Color $2.99 US

On Sale February 22, 2012


Now, how’s about that preview?


  1. Did anyone read Tom Strong? The little modular mechanical things remind me of that story. Chris Sprouse did an incredible job on that one!

  2. I really hate that this book is ending so soon. I think it had a lot of untapped potential. The main problem was not acquainting the reader with the individual characters quickly enough. This could have been the next G.I. Joe, but it will never get the chance.

  3. The art on this one is pretty good. I dropped it after the first issue, but I felt like the art wasnt as good as this.

  4. Not surprised it got cancelled, the book wasn’t very good. No disrespect to the creators, maybe they just didn’t gel…

    Maybe it was the concept itself? I’m not really a fan of many of the new 52. Seems like both Marvel & DC have lost their way a bit.

  5. I’ve never read or even heard of the Blackhawks until the new52, I think you guys did a where do I begin article on them recently, but in any case the art looks good here and just I gain interest in the title its being canceled. Really interested in the new Challengers of the Unknown, whom I also never knew existed until the where do I begin article on them which I know you did for sure. I missed the 1st issue but am gonna go find it. I the pulp golden age title.