EXCLUSIVE: EmiTown Volume 2 by Emi Lenox from Image Comics

Earlier this year, Image Comics published the collected edition of the autobiographical comic from comic creator Emi Lenox titled EmiTown.  Gathered and printed from Lenox’s webcomics, EmiTown tells the story of Emi Lenox’s adventures in the world, one day and one page at a time, comics diary style.

Today, Image Comics provided us with the exclusive news that they would be publishing volume 2 of EmiTown in 2012. EmiTown Volume 2 will feature story and art by Emi Lenox and comes in a hefty 400 pages, collecting Lenox’s diary comic to tell the stories of Lenox’s romantic and professional life, as well as her reflection and experiences through her blossoming career as a comic creator.

Once we heard the news about EmiTown Vol. 2, we contacted Emi Lenox to ask a few questions about the new volume of EmiTown:

iFanboy: Congrats on the announcement of the upcoming release of EmiTown Volume 2! What can fans of EmiTown look forward to in this next volume?

Emi Lenox: Well, several things I think! First, I have been posting new pages online twice a week which means that by the time the book comes out, there will be tons of new pages that haven’t been published online! Second, I address my relationship more straight forwardly in the new volume. No secret codes. Lastly, I think this book will cover many things that people will be able to relate to in life such as love, heartbreak, loss, and career. I’m excited for it.

iF: How has the response been to EmiTown once volume 1 was released?

EL: It’s been good! I’m surprised at the how wide the audience has been. I’ve received emails from readers of all ages telling me that they enjoy the book or that their kids are reading it. The best messages I’ve received were that the book inspired some to draw a diary comic themselves.

iF: EmiTown Vol. 2 deals with some pretty heavy subjects, like relationships, job-woes etc., was it hard for you to share personal aspects of your life through your comic, or does it help you in dealing with life’s challenges?

EL: It’s hard to say. Because I am drawing the pages a year after they had happened, they don’t really help me deal. That’s not to say that drawing doesn’t help me deal with tragedy. I did thumbnail a lot of the “break-up pages” as it was happening and that was very therapeutic. It used to be hard for me to share personal aspects but I’ve grown a bit used to the idea of having a public sketch diary and became a bit more brave to put serious things out there.

iF: Is there any part of EmiTown Vol. 2 that you’re most proud of or excited for more people to see?

EL: I’m really excited that there is a running story with the relationship I was in. It literally starts at the beginning of the book and the break up and aftermath is towards the end. I’m really proud that I am more straightforward with the personal stuff. Don’t worry, the cat army is still there!

Here’s the complete solicitation information from Image Comics

story / art / cover EMI LENOX 
On Sale: FEBRUARY 22
400 PAGES B&W – T+


EMI LENOX’s day by day autobiographical sketch journey continues in the second volume of EmiTown! Life gets serious in year two with complications of a relationship, the loss of a job, and the excitement of a blooming career. Widely acclaimed for her different approach to diary comics, Emi illustrates each day with humor and brilliance.


If you can’t wait until February 2012, you can order EmiTown Vol. 1 or check out EmiTown online at Emi’s website.


  1. never read emitown before but always wanted to try, does anyone who has read it have any thoughts?

  2. I just picked up EmiTown vol. 1 at the library the other day. Good to know I’ll be caught up before this one comes out!

  3. Yay just finished volume 1 today, Emi deserves good things.