DC COMICS EXCLUSIVE: Inside GRIFTER with Nathan Edmondson

When all the hub-bub of the DC relaunch was rolling, I'll admit the fanboy in me was the most curious about how they'd be folding in the Wildstorm characters into the new DC Universe and I was hopeful that one of my favorite characters, Grifter, would be be included.  So imagine my reaction when I saw that not only would there be a new series starring and titled Grifter, but it was going to be written by Nathan Edmondson, someone who I called out in my post about what creators DC should be hiring.

I immediately knew that I wanted to talk to Edmondson to see if we could get any insight on what to expect from Grifter in this new world.  First off from the art side, we got a taste of artist Cafu's take on Grifter with the exclusive character study (to the right) that DC Comics provided us with.  I have to admit, Cafu echoes one of my favorite takes on the character previously done by Travis Charest. So visually, we're off to a good start.

But what of the character himself? How does Grifter fit in the new DC Universe? Edmondson was mum on story details but we were able to get him to give us a peek inside the mind of Grifter.  We asked: "What does Grifter think of certain members of the DC Universe?" and provided a list of other characters Grifter may run into.  Below were Edmondson's answers, in the voice of Grifter as to what he thinks of some of the main people populating the DC Universe around him.


Grifter on Batman:
"I don't trust Batman.  But it's nothing about the man himself.  I just don't trust anyone whose face I can't read.  You can't grift a man you can't read, you can't fight a man you can't read.  Half the battles he wins are due the fact that his opponents don't know what he's thinking–a mask is just cheating (I should know, I wear one).  At least when you're up against men.  Step in front of a Daemonite whose gaze will literally make your blood boil and then we'll call a mask necessary."


Grifter on Cyborg:
"I know he's only half human, but that half is more decent to me than most full-flesh folk I know.  Though, I will say: he's another reason not to leave an electronic trail.  Or to use Facebook."
Grifter on Martian Manhunter:
"He's an alien.  Yeah, I'm not too fond of aliens at the moment."
Grifter on Deathstroke, The Terminator:
"I like his style, but I'm not sure I like the competition."
Grifter on Mister Terrific:
"Very intelligent. Maybe a little to smart for his own good.  I don't know the guy, but i know what's happened to a few folks that have crossed his path.  So if you're listening, Mister: you come near me, I'll blow your T-balls away."
Grifter on John Constantine:
"There are only a few men out there who have gazed into the abyss and not gone mad.  I'm one of them, and so is John Constantine.  The abyss has gazed into both of us, and that makes us brothers in a way."
Grifter on Wonder Woman:
"She's attractive, but I'm not sure she's who she says she is.  At the very least, she represents a failure in international diplomacy on an epic scale.  Wars are the failure of both the church and the state, we used to say in the unit.  Well, she represents both, doesn't she?"
So how this all adds up to Grifter's adventures come September, we'll have to wait and see, but I do know that he mentioned Daemonites, the old villainous alien race from WildC.A.T.S., so that may be a hint!  We'll see in September.

In the meantime, check out The Definitive Guide to the DC Relaunch to see all the other titles coming this September.



  1. I cannot wait for this book!

  2. Fun little article.  I would also like to see what he thinks about Superman (alien who might be too good) and Green Lantern (shouldn’t he be taking care of the Daemonites)

  3. I love Grifter! This is the new DC book I’m the most excited about.

  4. This reassures me so much that Edmondson has the voice for Grifter right, which I think is probably the most important thing.  The description of the Wonder Woman situation just seems to fit his world perfectly.

  5. Very clever way to give us some details without giving away any of larger plot points. Nicely done. GRIFTER is a book I’m very much looking forward to at this point.

  6. I like the ‘costume’ much better. Always disliked his metal shoulder tubes, bandolier and gloves. I also wouldn’t be heartbroken to see less of the trenchcoat.

  7. Grifter isn’t fond of aliens? Isn’t most of the WildC.A.Ts alien and alien hybrid?

  8. If they can capture some of the tone from the Joe Casey run on Wildcats I’m all over it.

  9. Everyone of the recent interviews with DC relaunch creators has only reinforced my excitement for the books.

  10. This title is definitely one of the ones I will be adding the my file.

  11. Grifter is my “first substitution or wait a month for $1.99 digital” title – this article just made me realize that a Grifter/Constantine team up could be amazing.

  12. Notice on the front cover of the book it says “Edmonson” but on the interior title page it says “Edmondson”….OOPS.