BOOM! Behind the Scenes: FREELANCERS #1 Page Process

Freelancers #1 hits shelves tomorrow, and if you’ll remember, it’s about two women who are bounty hunters, and they do the Kung Fu. Also, there’s a car chase. We showed you some of these pages earlier, but here you can take a look at the process behind the pages. Check out Joshua Covey’s inks, followed by colors, and then Pat Brosseau’s letters on top. The script is from Ian Brill. This cover is from Phil Noto, and as we’ve come to expect from him, it is sweet.

Pay attention to balloon placement, because it’s a huge part of the process that a lot of readers don’t think about very often. That’s your tip for the day.

The first issue hits Wednesday, and it’s only a buck.


  1. I will totally be picking this up. I never turn down a comic for a buck, and now they have a chance to hook me. The art looks great. Nice job Boom! and crew.

  2. I really enjoy these Page Process features. It’s easy to forget just how much work goes into a comic!