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    June 23, 2008 1:08 am

    i disagree with clay's opinion dismissing reviewers.  in the podcast. in my opinion,  he comes across as petulant.  he criticizes people who review books in the same fashion that he himself does not like to be criticized - on the subjective nature of comics.  reviewing comics is the same as reviewing, well, reviewers.  it's all subjective.  some nerds like their reviewers to be snarky.  others do not. 

    me, i depend on reviewers to help me find comics that i may not otherwise find.  i've been buying books for almost 30 years (that's so depressing).  i have two jobs.  the only comic store around me has closed.  my friends have drifted away from comics. i buy all of my comics online two and three months ahead of time.

    i depend, in some respects, on reviews at websites like ifanboy or cbr.  i find people who have similar tastes to mine and i listen to them about books that i would otherwise not buy. 

     mr. clay is, in some ways, as bad as the folks he criticizes.  as he goes on, i just disagree with him over and over.  

     good job, josh, in not being baited.   josh handled himself very well and quite classily.