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September 2, 2020 12:09 pm Did you say Naoki Urasawa was dead, at the end of the podcast? He actually is serializing a new series at the moment. :) I would say Connor had it right in that "comics are comics" which is how I look at it. I like good comics it doesn't matter where they come from. Cultural touchstones might be different, but I'd be one to say you can actually learn about other cultures by reading their stories and that's just an added benefit for me. About influence, I would say there was some back and forth early on between comics creators and "mangaka" (as the disney/Tezuka above, or Frank Miller/ Koseki Gojima) but now, I would imagine a lot of comics were not available only just the really popular stuff. But these days its an international world, and I think a lot of comics folk read all sorts of comics, and as someone who probably reads an even amount of american and Japanese comics, the lines seem to get more and more blurred as we go forward.