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    peekay's Recent Comments
    June 18, 2012 2:10 pm I'm in no way against a film that ask questions and lets the audience argue over the truth or the outcomes. In fact if Prometheus had delivered this I would have been delighted... As it was most of my questions stem from the idiocies of poor script execution (covered to death here and in a hundred other sites/forums, not to mention Red letter medians excellent questions video...) Also, let's be honest, the questions Prometheus asked were neither that well executed nor described. Who made us, well, other films and books have done it better and the film never asked it in a satisfying manner. If the Engineers made us and then got cross as we killed space Jesus... Well.... That just sounds like a sixties stage show in spandex. If it had been an examination of us as lab rat experiments, built as part of a more extreme and violent ecosystem? Well, no point mulling over what might have been.
    June 11, 2012 8:46 am Just listened to the podcast. Good fun as always. Paul you mentioned the idea of bringing Jesus into the mix are you aware of this interview? Anyhow, didnt disagree with anything you said but still can't get away from the dissapointment that th crew acted like idiots, things happened because they had to, people did things out of character to drive the narrative, the dialogue was abysmal and so on. That's worth more than .5 of a score to me especially when 80% o the audience were likely (mentally) screaming at the screen shouting solutions.
    June 9, 2012 4:00 pm Agreed. That said:dialogue is fairly important to a film.,,
    June 9, 2012 12:20 pm Well, yeah but if so why was the pod where it was rather than where It could have been. To be honest it was there. Ecause the plot needed it to be which was a little bit Russell T Davies (euphemism for lazy plotting). There was so much in the film that happened because the film needed it to happen rather than any form of organic revealing of events which just feels like a huge shame.
    June 9, 2012 12:14 pm I want to see it again, just to work out if my dislike is fair (and also I saw it in 2d and wanted to see it in 3). That said: 3/5 seems fair as a score.
    June 9, 2012 7:08 am I've got a lot of love for Francavilla, Samnee, Alex Ross, frank miller, David Petersen and many more artists. Sales wise though I think the only artists who i would buy every and anything from would be Dave Sim, Bill Sienkiewicz and Dave McKean. I dont get Jim Lee (or Dave Gibbons as well for that matter. Both seem like hacks in the right place/right time more than masters of their craft. the Jim Lee redesigns have all seemed pretty Azeael like in their tackiness and tbh I'm surprised the 52 flavours haven't reverted yet).
    June 9, 2012 5:25 am Agree with you really :) wanted to love it, didn't watch previews, hated the script, loved the visuals. Nobody acted in character. I think David was enjoying the mischief of it all, or he was in thrall of his father/creator. Or he felt he was the middle step in evolution. Or something else. I liked him, but felt he was as consequent less as everyone around him.
    June 9, 2012 5:20 am Sir Riddled has said in a couple of interviews that he has two sequels planned and that the next one (I think) is set on the Engineers home world (although I could be mistaken on the second point. Infered rather than quotable. Can't even find that interview now think it was the lovefilm one...)
    June 9, 2012 5:17 am Don't disagree with the review but do disagree with the score. So much of Prometheud worked yet on a shallow, gaudy, merely beautiful level and, as a movie related to one of the very best committed to film and memory it falls short on key areas. What was good about Alien? Simplicity and believability, the suspension of disbelief was wafer theen. In Woemetheus is there a single character with the believability or like ability of Brett, Dallas, Lambert and the rest? The bet wanted to be the non-prequels version of the revenue share but felt like it had been written by a computer who couldn't write dialogue to save lives.... Apart from this site I'm a fan of a fab games/media site and the difference between the Avengers and Promethwtf threads could not be more stark. In the Avengers thread fans were sharing favourite moments, ideas, one liners etc. in the whodidtheis thread it's almost all 'why did this happen?' comments. So much In the film makes no sense, so many characters acted out of character in the next but one scene, a trillion dollar ship is staffed by cardboard misfits. A pod for a woman (?) only works on a man and so on. Bad old man makeup for no reason. So many things we have to ignore, which is a trait of a bad sequel, not what we expected from this. My main gripe? Script. Loved the rest. I almost facepalmed when Noomy and not Lambert were scanning the head and not Lambert said exactly the same thing that was projected on the screen. Ugly dialogue and bearing in mind how lovingly every thing else was done its heartbreaking to see such an integral thing so poorly executed. Someone please tell me that hasselhoff isn't writing Bladerunner 2.
    June 4, 2011 4:12 am Excellent article and comments. Echoing the comments above: digital should not have been the same price as physical; between the mindset of digital equals free many have and the taking out of distribution/print costs DC have completely bodged on the value proposition. I'll buy some, probably not many. That said if they'd sold all 52 number 1 issues for 99c with all future issues at 1.99 i'd've been in like Flynn. Also Jim Lee is just the wrong person to do a universe wide revamp. Whereas GJ is the right sort of person. JL has never struck me as a sticker, flitting about from one thing to another, having the (all caps) big idea but not the depth to turn it into a good idea. Also also he only draws from a limited vocabulary - three types of colar for everyone, three male faces, three female, everyone the same height, give or take an inch... So, at least maybe he is the one to do consistency :) I love the idea that the Wonder Woman controversy is going to be magnified 52 times, as of they were saying "that was good press, how can we build on that..." Me I don't really follow any title or creative team - the craziness of current digital distribution tends to do that and every time I see 'originally released in 2003' I get a bit more grumpy (Marvel I'm looking at you and your Fear Itself freebies/no comics to buy online in the series yet). The only comic I do follow throughout are the excellent Invincible and Irredeemable (cough day/date). Maybe DC will help see more money escape my wallet :( but the creative team and price discussion don't fill me with pre-hope).