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    March 6, 2012 2:56 pm comparing artists from the 60s to the ones that are now working in the industry seems just silly and completely dishonnest: I get it that buscema and kirby are comics legends but what they got published was art where every male character was a clone of the same man and every female the clone of the same woman; with always the same poses to the point where it looked like it was photocopied from one comic to the next. what i want is creativity,correct anatomy and perspective; i don't want to feel like madrox is playing all the characters with different wigs, clothes and/or fake boobs. what i need in the comics i read is esad ribic's amazing depiction of tian in hickman's ultimates, jerome opeƱa's work on tabula rasa in uncanny x-force, travel foreman, frank quitely, paolo rivera, marcos martin,brian hitch,doug mahnke and the list could go on forever... So, rob liefeld, david "the hack" mack and greg "porn face" land (sadly this list could go on forever), stay away from my comics or draw the ones that TNC and all those who want fast instead of quality are reading. And if you can't see the difference of skills displayed on the page between those two groups maybe you should read books instead of comics.