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    farmingkat's Recent Comments
    September 16, 2010 5:27 pm

    the second picture

    Blacksad with comic pet dogs

    Let's see...
    from US Comic

    - Krypto from Superman
    - Lockjaw from Inhuman

    comic strip
    - SNoopy from Peanuts
    - Otto from Bettle Bailey
    - Ruff from Dennis the Menace
    - Odie from Garfield
    - Dogbert from Dilbert
    (No Rova Barkitt ?)

    From Europe
    - Ran Tan Plan from Lucky Luke
    - Snowy (Milou) from Tintin
    - Dogmatix (Idefix) from Asterix

    seven that i don't have a clue.

    Anyone care to add ?

    US comic strip has more penetration in the European market (newspaper probably)
    then US comic. Lockjaw is an interesting choice, any other popular pet god in
    the Marvel / DC universe ?