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    docalright's Recent Comments
    June 30, 2008 12:52 am

    I can map my return to comics in stages.  I originally collected comics in now what will be referred to as the "1985" heyday with X-men and Daredevil when they were cool and "intense."  My favorite was Daredevil - I was sold after he dropped Bullseye in #181.  Enter age 13 and the discovery of music - no more comics (I guess I was fortunate to miss the 90's from what I hear). 

    Re-entry (stage 1).  9/11 happens - fear and regression to a happier time for stress relief.  Rumors surface of a possible Daredevil movie and holy crap Kevin Smith wrote a Daredevil tpb - I guess I'll check it out.

    Stage 2: Wow that art (Allred) on this X-force tpb looks cool.  Everybody gets killed at the end of #116.  Crazy, surprising - I'm all in.  I can't wait for the next tpb - I start to buy a few floppies.

    The point: stage 3: Mark Millar's Wanted.  This goes to every line and crosses it.  It is so much damn fun.  Is this a Chuck Palahniuk novel?  Is this the best movie I have ever seen?  I knew comics could be literature (Watchmen, Dark Knight, etc), but who knew they could be this fiendishly entertaining.

    Stage 4: $50/week so I can know what Conor, Josh and Ron are talking about every week :)

    So the movie:  I don't know if I should just sit back and be thankful that I am seeing something on the screen (worked for FF - barely for Daredevil) or be furious.  A friend told me that it was the best action movie ever the day before I saw it - Could I dare to hope that they did the book justice (I did).  After seeing it, I have to say it was somewhat fun (I think I can say this only because it has been a few years since I read the tpb), but I guess I come off mostly disappointed.  Despite what Josh says, I think the source material was great - kinda brilliant in its pure subversion - kinda genius in its pure stupidness.  I guess a "loom of fate" makes more sense to the world.  The book was all about "Fuck You"  too bad the only true part of the movie was resigned to 2 seconds of keyboard keys and a broken tooth.

    April 3, 2008 2:39 pm I have to go with Secret Invasion #1 - There were things I didn't like - the whole setup with stealing the jet and racing to the Savage Land was downright STUPID - but then, holy crap, boom-boom-boom the shit hit the fan right quick, and I was in all the way.  Kick-ass is still good but more of a "middle issue."  I liked Young X-men more than I thought I would for the pure thought of a New Mutants reunion (last page). 
    February 28, 2008 9:42 am

    This book was great!  I don't really understand the anti-Millar vibe.  In terms of authors, here's how it goes for me 1) Ellis, 2) Millar, 3) Bendis, etc.  Millar = Wanted, Ultimates - fun, exciting, surprising comics.  This book is more of that.  This book makes me enjoy and get excited about reading comics.

    February 19, 2008 3:32 pm Definately great - I'm going to start picking this up.  Never had much interest in a Wolverine series since back in the day with the Miller mini-series - Before Wolverine was so over-exposed.