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September 4, 2020 10:07 am This is a comment made publicly on the internet and I know I'm going to get roasted for it, but I have to call out a comment made during this video hangout. While discussing the recent, untimely, and tragic of actor Chadwick Boseman, Mr. Flanagan made a comment suggesting Denzel Washington's son, John David Washington, might somehow be glad Boseman had died. This is offensive on many levels, including the insinuation that there can be only one Black, male, A-list actor at a time. As an African-American man, I found this remark to be grossly insensitive, offensive, racist, and just plain inappropriate. It was unfortunate - but not surprising - to see the rest of the iFanboy crew just kind of laugh this off. Being Black in this country and dealing with its racism is no joke, and even the insinuation that another Black thespian is somehow happy for the demise of another? I know it was meant in jest - but in no way, shape, or form was this sentiment funny. I've respected iFanboy's work in covering the comic book industry over the years, but this It definitely changes my perception of this group. The trolls can come for me, but I'll be moving on.